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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a selection of questions that we get asked regularly, if you cannot see an answer to your question then please contact us with any queries.


The Nursery

Shipping & Delivery



The Nursery

The Nursery

The Nursery

Can I Visit You At Kings Barn Willow?

Our nursery is run as an 'online' business so our facilities are not open to the public. We can however arrange visits in special circumstances, these will generally be mid-week as we have extra staff to see you around the site (we cannot accommodate weekend visits as the farm is a family home). We have several building projects on the go so we may not be able to receive visitsors if the builders are in, due to safety.

Can I Collect My Order From You?

If you live locally or are in the area you are welcome to collect your order. If you are ordering through the website simply select the 'Collection' option during checkout. It's essential you let us know a rough time frame of your collection so we can prepare it and bring it down to the main house from the nursery.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

More detailed information can be found in the Delivery section

Can I Have My Order Sent To A Different Address?

Yes! You can enter a delivery address during the checkout process. If you've already ordered and need to change the delivery address contact us asap and we can easily change the address.

Can You Ship Outside Of UK Mainland?

Yes! Our automatic shipping prices generated during on the website are only for UK mainland. We are able to ship to Northern Ireland, Channel Islands Outer Hebrides etc. but you need to contactus for a shipping quote.

Can You Ship To Europe / USA?
We are able to ship living willow to anywhere within the EU (at the recipients own risk), however, due to international laws regarding soil and woody material we are currently unable to ship outside of the EU. Contact us for an EU shipping quote.

Can You Deliver On A Specific Day?

Yes! We normally use a Next Day Delivery service so we can specify a delivery date although couriers never give a cast iron guarantee! We can arrange deliveries for Saturdays (at additional cost but not for Sundays.)

You can specify delivery details during checkout. If you've already ordered then contact us and let us know which day you'd like to receive your order.

How Much Is Shipping Going To Be?

Exact shipping totals are calculated during checkout (for UK mainland), see the Delivery section for more detailed shipping prices.

Can I Have My Order Delivered At A Certain Time Of Day?

The couriers we use unfortunately do not deliver in specific time slots. If you nominate a Safe Place during ordering the parcel can be left the courier can leave it here if you are out.



I Have Not Received An Order Confirmation Email

This can happen if the 'Send Confirmation Email' button is not clicked on the receipt page of the website. We receive and process all orders made but do contact us if you want to check that your order went through.

My Payment Has Not Gone Through

Occasionally orders do not go through as normal. This can sometimes be because you have an item in your basket that is Out-Of Stock (especially if you have multiples). An error message will come up on the page.

If your item is in stock then sometimes it's a case of simply trying again. Be assured that if your payment goes through more than once we will refund you immediately with no quarrels.

If you are still having trouble paying through the website please contact us and we will help. Please note that we cannot accept card payments over the phone, but are still accepting cheques!

Can I Order Over The Phone?

We understand that not everyone likes using online shopping so we're very happy to talk to you to arrange an order. Send us a message with your telephone number and we will call you as soon as we can.

I Need To Change/Cancel My Order

Not a problem. Please contact us as soon as you can so we can amend or stop your order. Obviously, once it's been shipped we can't cancel it.

Can You Send An Invoice Before I Order?

Yes. If you require an invoice to clear payment funds with your company or establishment prior to placing an order we can send you an invoice via email.

When Can I Expect My Order?

We aim to dispatch within 4-5 days but we do not ship Fri-Sun due to the living nature of most of our goods. Any orders placed between Thurs-Sun are usually shipped out on the following Monday. If you are concerned about your order please do contact us.

I Am Getting An Error Message: "General Script Error Occurred: Error: The input is NULL"

This is an odd problem that occurs mainly with the web browser Internet Explorer. You can try to load the page again, otherwise you may need to adjust your browser settings. Sometimes it can be related to accepting Cookies or it can be down to website filters such as 'SmartScreen Filter'.

If you are still getting problems then please contact us so we can try to help you.



When Can I Order Willow From You?

Our Willow season runs from December to March. This is when the willow is dormant and can be cut. We take pre-orders from around September onwards.

When Can I Plant Willow?

We advise that Willow is planted when it is dormant, usually between Dec-March. Some people say it can be done any time of year, which is true but the success rate of the willow taking root is greatly reduced if done in Spring or Summer.

How Much Is Delivery?

You can see detailed shipping costs in the Delivery section. Your exact shipping charge for an order is displayed during checkout before you commit to placing the order.

How Much Willow Do I Need?

The general spacing for hedging or screening would be 30cm/1ft apart and you can also plant in single, double or triple rows depending on the density of planting required.

What Is The Aftercare And Maintenance Like For Willow?

Reasonably minimal. For hedges and screens will require an annual trim to keep under control. This will be a fairly serious chop with lots of hard pruning producing lots of material for a bonfire or an extra hedge. The willow structures require a little more attention, for the first two years you will need to do some weaving and trimming, after this you will need to trim at least twice a year to keep the structure neat and in check.

How Quickly Does Willow Grow?

Once established you can expect new growth to reach over 2m a year. In the first year you will have smaller shoots as the plant sets down good roots and much bushier growth in the second year.

Can I Plant Willow Near Walls / Buildings / Drains?

Willow is known for having vigorous and thirsty roots. For this reason we advise a minimum planting distance of: the intended height of the hedge x 1.5 (e.g. if you wanted a 3m high willow hedge it would need to be planted 4.5m away from any building, wall, drain, drive or patio.)

Can You Send An Invoice Before I Order?

Yes. If you require an invoice to clear payment funds with your company or establishment prior to placing an order we can send you an invoice via email.

Which Length Is Best?

The taller willow whip you buy the more 'instant' the effect will be. So what length you buy is dependent on your budget and how long before taller growth is needed.

Can Willow Be Grown For Use As Firewood or Biomass?

Absolutely. Willow is one of the fastest growing plants native to Europe. This makes is ideal for growing as a Short Rotation Coppice for firewood either as wood chips or logs. Growing willow in a 5-year cycle gives you usable fuel in 2-3 years and then annually after that, producing between 3-5 tonnes of dry wood per acre a year.

We supply ready-made kits with everything you need to start growing your own fuel.

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